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3 Things You Should Know About Filing a Worker's Compensation Claim in South Dakota?

1.) Injured Workers Should Seek Healthcare Immediately.


After an injury on the job, your first priority should be to seek health care.  In South Dakota, as an injured worker, you have the right to choose your first treating physician.


If your chiropractor at Back Specialists is your first choice, be sure to make your first appointment with us. Be sure to visit with us prior to visiting with any other healthcare provider.  


If your injury is relatively minor, you may still choose to seek care from your chiropractor at Back Specialists.


2.) Injured Worker Must File the First Report of Injury Form with Their Employer.

In South Dakota, the law specifies that you as an injured worker must notify your employer within three (3) days or 72 hours. If you do not notify your employer within three (3) days, your claim for worker’s compensation benefits may be denied


3.) Employer Must File the First Report of Injury with the Department of Labor and with their insurance carrier.

In South Dakota, the Employer is obligated to send the First Report of Injury to the South Dakota Department of Labor as well as a copy of the report to their insurance carrier directly.


The Department of Labor will send the First Report of Injury to the Employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier as well.  This will ensure that your claim is filed properly with all parties.

We Can Help You Recover From Your Work Injury​

If you have recently been hurt at work, we know it can be a frustrating time. We have helped countless people not only recover from their work injuries but also minimize some of the headaches of their worker's compensation claims. 

We would love the opportunity to help you recover. Schedule your first appointment today to get started. 

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