Chiropractic care treats more than back and neck pain.  It is often a chosen treatment for other ailments such as allergies, menstrual symptoms, headaches, sports injuries, auto accident injuries and pregnancy care to name a few.


Before we treat you we need to get to know you.  We will ask you to complete a 1 page report helping us detail  your history in regard to your health and the struggles you face daily, if any.  We will inquire about treatment you may be undergoing or have underwent and what the outcome was.  We will ask  you what your outcome expectation is and talk about options for getting you to your intended goal.  It is important for us to know about your life and how you live it so we can provide excellent guidance moving forward.


You will receive a comprehensive physical, orthopedic and neurological examination center focused on your specific complaints.  Once the findings have been evaluated, your chiropractor will discuss the potential benefits of chiropractic care in your specific case.


We will take the examination findings to determine what type of chiropractic techniques and care best fit your needs.  Our main goal is to improve  range of motion, flexibility, comfort, and ultimately spinal wellness.

Care Methods

Chiropractic is a safe, non-invasive care alternative.   A plan of care may consist of a series of adjustments as well as adjunct therapies to expedite the healing process.  All care rendered at our facility is offered by licensed professionals with your needs in mind.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic therapy is the answer for the individual seeking a natural, safe alternative to an often invasive procedure.  Chiropractic is simple, effective and affordable.  Many patients who have chosen chiropractic care continue to receive care.  Why?  It worked for them; they noticed the difference often after the first visit.

We don’t heal people in our office, we offer the body an opportunity to heal itself by removing mis or delayed communication.  One could say that chiropractors are in the information business!

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